Feb 9, 2012

Laura Orsolya Takes Care Of Her Boss (Return To Hardcore)

French maid enters a room in order to clean up a bit, while there happens to be a guy in the room too, half asleep or busy with something else … but things eventually turn a different direction… - that's a real classic in porn. It doesn't get old, and people are not complaining. In Laura Cleans Out His Cock, her new update for DDFBusty, Laura M/Orsolya finds her boss deeply sunk into some overtime work. Of course he shifts his focus eventually, to the big and busty treasures of Laura…

Yes, it's a hardcore scene, finally, after she has returned to modeling with a couple of solo and girl/girl scenes at the end of 2011. In other words, it's Laura Orsolya's return to hardcore after something like 3 years! If you compare the samples from the preview gallery and my screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV samples clips, Laura looks MUCH better on the latter ones. Or rather, they do her more justice, after digital cameras tend to introduce their own 'view' occasionally. Anyway, this is Laura Orsolya's 43th release for the DDFBusty site, her 53th for the whole DDFnetwork. And she keeps being a royally big and hot delight.




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