Feb 23, 2012

Sabina Leigh: Power Tools For The Extra Mile

Sabina Leigh can do it in many ways. You can look at her straight - and be amazed by her beauty or her 34GGG boobs (as her model profile lists them). When you look closer you notice that Sabina is a true personality with an amazing range of skills and talents, powering her to go for the extra mile. She has recently mainly been active with producing her own content which you can buy through her video or her image store, although just these days she announced on her Twitter that she is due to shoot with a well known mainstream company again. Her own releases are sometimes straight solo or hardcore stuff, professionally done as you see by her sample clips on YouTube. And sometimes she goes for the extra mile by hiring photographers helping her to execute her more exceptional visions. Here's a couple of samples that Sabina Leigh just sent me. Yes, this power tool looks hilarious. Yet, with a girl as special and sexy as Sabina, it's not just for the effect's sake. She knows to expand the effect into a big impression that will stay in our memory. And not only because of her gorgeous boobs. Powertools isn't listed at her image store. I'm not sure if it exists as a complete set meant to eventually appear there, or just something Sabina just created because she liked it. So you have to watch her places where she makes her announcements, like her site/blog or her Twitter.


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