Feb 5, 2012

Jaime (Melissa Manning): Dress With Holes And Hotness - The Video

Jaime aka Melissa Manning has a new video out on Cosmid. You don't have to know more, have you? :D Okay okay. Now imagine that: This girl appears on the screen, and from the FIRST second on she blows us away. But from there things only get better! Whether she just looks at us, talks, smiles a little, or all over her face, or gives us full views of her luscious curvy body with these 34G boobs, she's unbelievable. It seems Jaime can't do no wrong. Because she is so sexy, physically, but also because she is so unaffected, cute and so much fun, yet not superficial either. This dress, which actually consists of more holes than actual fabric, of course is killer too. Yes, we've seen it before, as Holey Dress Batman is the matching video to the previously released image set, making it her 9th update for Cosmid. A low res preview clip is here. A few (better) screen captures:



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