Feb 2, 2012

Sapphire: New HC - Coming Back Bigger And Like Off The Hook

And i wouldn't even say that she looks hotter just because she seems to be bigger. As well she hadn't really disappeared. Updates did appear, at least at PlumperPass, at the regular every few months fashion. There just hadn't been so much talk about her. But with Sapphire Dreams, her 21st release for PlumperPass, something is different. The light is better balanced (although too bright, but no more yellow weirdness), her outfit nicer than usual, and i like her with the longer hair better anyway. Maybe all these aspects are contributing, but most importantly Sapphire is shining, loaded with outgoing vibes and looking simply amazing. Of course she has still these 38L boobs - and from the first second they can be spotted on the screen they are a delight in itself. So here's finally a hardcore scene with Sapphire making people talk A LOT about her. Samples from the preview gallery:


Captures from the WMV sample clips


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