Jan 9, 2012

Melissa Manning (Jaime) - The Girl With An Uber-Amount Of Charms

When Jaime aka Melissa Manning emerged at the scene - first for Cosmid, than Scoreland - she quickly reached such a widespread popularity as we don't see it that often. Of course you didn't have a prophet to predict that. Melissa is breathtakingly beautiful, has a nice curvy body, with 34G has her (in official notes) most famous assets. But what actually makes the difference and gave her popularity the strongest wings, is her special vibe, her personality. She is super cute, radiant, bubbly and out of her shell, and you would think that's directly her natural way, the real girl acting so, but not something she would perform just as a model. How genuinely exciting and convincing she is could be perfectly seen in the candy cane skit she did for SCOREtv. Melissa Manning has started recently her personal blog, where she talks f. ex. about that episode, and it's amazing again how honest and upfront she talks, f. ex. about her little fears when doing this scene. She is so adorable and great!

Scoreland has updated with an 78 images set called 34G: A Great Number where Melissa wears a green top revealing lots of cleavage. It's a really nice outfit, but of course it has to go off, allowing closer impressions of Melissa's assets… A girl with an amount of charms like Melissa Manning has hitting the scene (again) is certainly one of the most wonderful things that happened in 2011. Samples from the preview gallery:



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