Jan 9, 2012

Ms. Deja - The Wonder Of Soft Mega-Boobs And Mega-Thickness

Ms. Deja is a true wonder. In the business for over 10 years now, she hasn't much changed. Apart from all over getting a little bigger (what makes her look even more spectacular), and toning down her Exotic Dancer style in her photo shoots and videos, what gives her a more natural and adorable vibe. She is so straightforwardly overwhelming - making you believe that you only have to place her somewhere, start shooting away, to end up with ridiculously sexy photos. I know, in reality it takes more to get exciting content… Still, if i had money spend for productions, i'd let Ms Deja appear in some more unexpected roles, to show different facets of her. Without suggesting here that her sets are 'repetitive'. Far from that, as i think Ms Deja is one of the rare species of models who can do whatever she wants, she never looks boring.

PlumperPass has a new update with Ms Deja called Chocolate Drops, her 11th release for the network. Again a solo image set and video - Ms. Deja has stopped doing HC several years ago, after only 3 releases i believe. And she looks perfectly captured. Her massive, deliciously shaped 44F boobs (although they look bigger than "F") are bouncing all over the place and, lordy, this girl is built to withstand all earthquakes. She rather would cause a seismic eruption herself. For the first time ever BTW i'm curious about her height… hmm, 5'8" - so she's far from being a shortie as well. One more reason that Ms. Deja promises in every dimension the BIG eruptions. While she looks so soft, relaxed and peaceful at the same time. Samples from the preview gallery:


And a few more (than usual) screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer:



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