Jan 12, 2012

Meow 34JJ - With Glasses, Pigtails And Determined To Massage Our Minds

Meow 34JJ must think now that i'm officially nuts. I'm featuring another of her free teasing clips, but her hardcore work never really got featured on this blog. While those scenes are the ones that companies are mainly paying her money for. Let me say that i like Meow 34JJ's hardcore releases - which you can see them on PlumperPass, Meow34JJ or the place where she is personally most involved with, Adultspace - more than most other ones. Mainly because Meow looks very rooted and more substantially into it. If the day had more hours, i certainly would have squeezed a few of those scenes in …

But they are about hardcore, and Meow. You have to fast-forward to find the good moments… When checking her new quickie freebie clip Meow Pigtails though, the headkick is instant on!! The pigtails and glasses look is priceless, and seeing her stellar big boobs and plump curviness in soft swinging motion is just too sexy. On top of that comes her super amazing expression, which has something of a smiling, knowing and peaceful goddess, who is determined to massage our minds with special vibes. Totally classic work. I wished she would do longer versions of these, without ruling out to let them develop into solo play scenes… Okay, i understand, these little scenes are meant to raise interest in her other work. So i'm not completely nuts :D

You find the clip here. It plays at a 16:10 ratio, the wider 16:9 ratio would be the correct one  - Meow, if you read that :) My screen caps show the corrected ratio:



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