Jan 20, 2012

Leanne Crow And Michelle Monaghan - Sirens In The Caribbean

Right at the end of 2011, Scoreland released Two Brits A Bobbin - yes, Leanne Crow and Michelle Bond (Monaghan) together! It didn't get the overwhelming response that you would expect when 2 such beautiful, sexy girls with such spectacular boobs are getting together. Maybe it was just the timing of the release (at this time of the year people do have a lot of stuff in their heads, right? ;) ).  

It's also true that in the beginning - the standing shots - the images do look a bit generic (to some part also due to Score's very bright photo esthetics) - not included with my samples, you can see them on the preview gallery … But once Leanne and Michelle got closer to each other, and more sensual, things really heated up. And the get-together of Leanne and Michelle got loaded up with more hotness than just 2 pair of world famous boobs on display. Thus there's no way to miss this release! Two Brits A Bobbin continues the string of fabulous releases shot at the Caribbean location of St. Maarten.


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