Jan 27, 2012

Kore Goddess: In Super Tight Black Spandex Pants. And Almost Nothing Else

Kore Goddess is a living proof - well, for quite a couple of things. For example: How the right mindset can keep you fresh and vivid, even after 740 updates for Southern Charms, lots of updates for her second site (which hosts a lot of long videos additionally to the image sets) and a considerable amount of work for many mainstream sites. And experience makes you even more relaxed… Kore Goddess, that is true as well, wasn't one bit shy straight from the beginning.

In her so far latest set for Southern Charms she shows up in super tight black spandex pants - instantly a looker. As her top she is wearing something what i would describe as a fringe vest. It doesn't hide much (quite likely she couldn't even close it). In particular not her legendary super big and long 38J boobs. The free sample images (which you should be able to see for one more week) already look tremendous. Here's a couple of samples from the members area that Kore Goddess has sent me. Boobie overflow to the max, Kore's juicy curviness and, yes, she is bubbly and plays as you would expect her. Kore Goddess is just too hot!



1 comment:

  1. Kore Godess is what I call a jack off girl because that's all I can think about when she pulls out those huge tits She looks so cool standing there topless long blonde hair pink areolas pretty face and hangers what more could you ask for?


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