Jan 22, 2012

Diane Poppos - Unbelievable!!

Diane Poppos modeling again after 9 years - that was one of the biggest stories of 2011. Very big looked also her boobs in these comeback releases, actually considerably bigger than before, since Diane in general is a little bigger by now, but her boobs seems to have expanded in particular. Now, while i'm playing with this word, those recent releases have been big in particular with regard to her boobs, while Diane, seeing her overall exposure, surely looked very sexy. But, and i don't think this was just me, Diane didn't look displayed to her full potential - due to the lighting, the camera angles, makeup and the outfits. There was hope that she still could look even more stunning and upfront mind-blowing…

Well, that has happened now! Score apparently is very proud of this new photo/video release as well, at least if the title choice Mammary Majesty is an indication. The preview gallery doesn't just show a MILF with very very big boobs. This is Diane Poppos on fire, as a whole package. The poses are sweet, captured right to smash our visions, and her smile is killing nicely, while her boobs obviously belong to a league of their own. 85 images of awesomeness, out on XLGirls.


But the super curvalicious and tittylicious spectacle is the video, available on Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. I really like her face in this new release. Apart from that i don't have to say much, just check my screen caps or watch the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips. These visuals talk bigger than words ;)



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