Jan 26, 2012

Issy (Dominican Poison) - Heating Up And Cooling Down

Daktari's travel to the Dominican Republic to shoot Issy aka Dominican Poison in February was one of the biggest stories of 2011. Since then updates came in a steady flow, most of them to Nadine Jansen's site, and a few to Milena Velba's place

The video Getting hot was released at the end of 2011. Issy returns to her spacy home, the terrace door keeps open, but apparently not to much effect. Issy gets to the couch, her light dress (all that she is wearing), is easily pulled down. But she still feels a little heated... This video shows a more sensual side of Issy/Dominican Poison, with dramatically gorgeous views of her wonderful 42G boobs and her deliciously thick butt and thighs. At the same she is such a babe, totally convincing and adorable with the sweet changes in her look. You might think you know her typical looks, but seeing her so upfront and in smooth motion, with all these variations, it's something else. This over 12 mins video, in various downloadable formats, is on Nadine's site. A couple of screen caps:


After heating up, a cold beer can be a good idea, right? It seems Issy thought so as well, as Beer For Two is her image set released this month:



  1. It has been a great travel there for Daktari, yes! She is amazing.
    Do you think that it's the REAL ISSY now on her own site?
    m i s s i s s y com ?
    Seems like not really her

  2. Good point. But after a closer look, it's her!

    She's using the same shot with the dark fishnet top as her avator on Twitter, from where she's posted a bunch of private shots (that hardly anybody else can post, unless somebody is helping her with her approval). And another shot wearing the same top, which shows more clearly that it is her. The irritation certainly comes from the generic pornstar look on that image from MissIssy.com which takes away some of her typical features. Also she seems to have shed off a few pounds.

  3. Okay, in addition to what i've said before, i've looked a bit closer now: The image posted on Issy's blog is from the WSHH shooting sessions, thus it's definitely her. See my follow-up entry :)


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