Dec 17, 2011

Melissa Manning Is On SCOREtv (Must See!). MaseratiXXX Too

There's a host of models on this year's Holiday edition of SCOREtv. F. ex. Samantha 38G, Destiny Rose, Minka, Sexy Venera, Jasmine Shiraz and MaseratiXXX. The biggest room in the previews have Kelly Christiansen and Melissa Manning. Melissa's appearance is worth it alone. The expected part first: there's an interview with her. Where she appears as the smiling, cute and sexy girl. But as the show stopper comes an extra little scene. This guy is licking his candy stick. Melissa watches him, till she can't control her greed any longer - she just grabs the candy stick from this guy (who watches with disbelief) and licks it herself. Melissa Manning would make a great comedian. And probably the sexiest comedian we've ever seen. This SCOREtv edition (running over one hour!) is out now on Scoreland. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips.

Oh, i almost had forgotten this one: 


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