May 25, 2011

Renee Ross - Score's Model Of The Year As Office Hottie

A few weeks ago i praised her as a terrific combo of body, beauty and appeal. And declared Renee Ross an all-around winner. Now she really has won the title - the Scoregroup's V-Mag subscribers have elected her Model Of The Year. That's a huge approval for Renee, and i totally can see why.

Score celebrates Renee's crowning with a new image set release aptly named MOY 2010: Winner! - so far only live on the Scoreland site. It starts with Renee dressed as an office hottie. That look with the glasses and her bursting out humungous boobs is just outrageous. Adding another dimension to the already not small number epic impressions we have seen of her so far. In the continuation she will get rid of her 'formal' attire and the fun with glasses… This set for sure is another tremendous release with Renee Ross. Samples from the preview gallery:


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