Nov 4, 2011

Micky Bells And Natalie Fiore: It Starts On A Terrace...

About 2 weeks ago i featured The Magnificent Meeting, the video with the dream team get-together and getting at each other of Micky & Natalie Fiore. Now here's The Magnificent Meeting 2, 89 images released on XLGirls, and  again with Natalie and Micky. Well, this should be the matching photo set to the video. For a sec i got confused because the samples of the video show only indoor shots, while the gallery to this new release shows the girls outdoors, on a terrace. But at least Micky's outfit looks identical, and there's the same leopard print ottoman. Okay, minor details, so lets assume this is the matching image set.

Micky and Natalie Fiore make an incredible pair again. Because of their contrasting looks, but also because their vibe seems to match so nicely. Last but no least they share the same boobs size: 36J. Samples from the preview gallery:


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