Nov 20, 2011

Jennifer Appears At BoobStudy - What A Different Look!!

I'm not sure how you are getting influenced by outfit details like a girl's hairdo. For me it has happened more than once that, although i'm not actively exploring such details, they affect my instant impression, so that i would stop from looking further. That's a completely intuitive thing (i don't have a checklist like *outfit*).

So it has happened with Jenifer from DDFBusty. After i check those previews again now, she looks like a sexy girl, but her makeup/hairdo combo somehow hold her radiancy back. Now she returns to Boobstudy, as Jennifer, and looks like a completely different girl. She looks absolutely stunning! Although, after comparing the images, it's only minor details that make the difference. And these new images are even self-shot! I can't wait to see more of her.

Boobstudy btw have a not very detailed preview section. Actually they just have a "Tour" page plus a "Free Samples" page showing only images of their models without telling their names, and there is no info like number of sets or any other updates info. That's something they really should change. So i can just tell you that they have indeed a bunch of well shot image sets and videos of any of these models that you see on these pages.


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