Nov 18, 2011

Nadine Jansen - Casual Shower. But No More Casual Facebook [Upd. 11-11-19]

The fun with Nadine Jansen on Facebook didn't last long. Like almost any other model, she just got deleted. I checked her page every day, there was nothing that you wouldn't find as well on an all-family magazine. I have to say that's downright ridiculous. Nadine wasn't extremely active there, but when she posted she came across as funny, cheerful and surprisingly regular. As somebody who you'd love to be your neighbor. She told that it's important for her that people see her as a real girl. I miss that fun. A member told me that she made another attempt but Facebook axed that account as well.

Matching with her real girl style, Nadine Jansen has updated her site with a set called Just Shower. As the title suggests, it's a straightforward shower set, without any gimmicks, just the pure Nadine. What doesn't stop her from looking as radiant and gorgeous as only she can be. The 3rd sample picture has a funny note - her defunct Facebook page added another dimension to that side of her.

Here's two of the images she posted on Facebook. Probably the beach shot was too much for these puritans - but c'mon, seriously?

Update 11-11-19:
To add this info: Nadine got deleted from Facebook twice after somebody repeatedly reported her as an imposter. It seems somebody was on a weird mission to cause trouble here. Nadine will not return to Facebook. I have spoken with Daktari briefly and he told that they are looking into other options for Nadine to interact with her fans (because that's something that she'd love to do), maybe a feature directly integrated into her site. But that it's too early to say if or how this will happen.


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  1. Hi, Nadine did in fact return to Facebook a few weeks later. She is still on there now but refuses to accept new friends. Nadine used Facebook quite frequently until the start of this year. Now her posts are limited. It is 100% her.


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