Nov 9, 2011

April Mckenzie - Classical Hotness Overload

Shot something like 3 years ago, but not released before. So here's Tit-Men's Treasure Chest, a 47 images set out now on Scoreland, back from the days when the ScoreGroup used to shoot a lot of content with April Mckenzie. After PlumperPass seems to be the only company these days who get her in front of their cameras, it's scorching again to see the more 'glam' version of April Mckenzie's killerious elliptic 36GG boobs, her juicy curviness and her real-girl look. Must be the combination of these 3 qualities that make her sexiness work so INSTANTLY. I have to look long to find another model whose powers work with such a short response time. Straight overflowing hotness. Score's make-up job (not for the first time) could be seen as falling a bit behind here. In a strange way though, with a girl-next-door like April even that might work in her favor. Samples from the preview gallery:


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