Nov 6, 2011

Sophie Mei - The Ultimate Flight Attendant

The people behind Lipstick111 have another video update with Sophie Mei that - plain and simple - looks stellar. However, to sort one thing out, after i had been confused: On their multi-girl (main) site Lipstick111 they have quite a bunch of releases with Sophie Mei, like those unforgettable scenes together with Shione Cooper. Their vast majority of work with Sophie though, and that's a serious amount, is getting issued on SophieMei.ES, a different (also English language) site. So if you plan to join any of these sites, make sure to check the Lipstick111 updates page and the SophieMei updates page before in order to get access to the stuff that you predominantly want to see.

The 'plot' of bon voyage, the new video on the SophieMei site, is told in one sentence. Sophie, wearing nothing but a flight attendant's hat and a corset, rolls her suitcase through the room, forgets about the suitcase and starts to show off. A neat little idea, but enough for Sophie to hijack you to a flight, with turbulences of the sort only she can create. Sophie Mei's tremendous curves with her 36F boobs are the kickstart. Her simply scorching range of looks and turns keep providing a push, so that this flight will not stop reaching unpredicted dimensions of gorgeous hotness.

This new release from the Lipstick111 run Sophie Mei site makes me wish she would be in more scenes together with Shione Cooper. Because Shione totally fits to Sophie, with her matching unmistakable style of being unpredictable gorgeous and hot. A couple of screen shots from bon voyage - 5 official promo caps, 5 i've created from the lower quality preview video:


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  1. The flight is performed by the viewer
    Sophie is an assistant hotel


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