Nov 26, 2011

Terry Nova - Fun, Sexy And The Signature Look

They call her Lea on YoungBusty, but of course this is Terry Nova. Here she is back in her  'signature outfit', for a solo video. Seeing these sample clips, i notice again how thrilling Terry is for her face alone. Regardless of her dominant expression, there's always so much else radiating from it, i call it the genuine Terry the-eternal-girl look, and that is just too sexy. Sure, that's the extra effect about her. Terry is a wonderful flirt, and gets down n dirty too. So she teases us nicely with those famous 36F boobies, till she starts working thoroughly on her pussy. Perfect views of her tremendous legs of course are not missing. YoungBusty have lots of Terry Nova fun - solo and hardcore - on their site, over 30 releases by now. Screen caps from the sample clips:


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