Nov 1, 2011

A Wilder Looking Jaime In The Dressing Room

My last update about Jaime was only a couple of days ago. But i just have to post this fresh new release from Cosmid. Trying On Costumes apparently was a spontaneous idea. Cosmid tell that they've found the video on their server, without Jaime announcing it before. She shot it herself, with the camcorder in one hand, while changing clothes with the other, so expect occasional random footage. Well worth it, for the different dimension alone that we're seeing here. It's Jaime's casual look with her wilder hair that brings a new sexy quality. Very nice top at the beginning btw. Also i hadn't noticed her nose piercing before - well, it's not new, as a closer look at her previous updates reveals. But my focus obviously had been somewhere else. The sample clip doesn't show any skin, but i suppose we're getting views of her softer assets, in particular her 38G boobs, in the continuation. Screens caps:


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