Nov 18, 2011

Aneta Buena And Ines Cudna: Table Football And Boobs On Glass

Have you ever have played table football (table soccer for you guys across the pond) with girls? If so, you probably have been amazed about how much many girls love it. However, they seem to love it differently. While we boys in the end just want to win our matches, girls tend to enjoy the fun and the turmoil, and the unusual occurrences coming with it. MyBoobs probably had such an idea in mind when there got Aneta Buena & Ines Cudna at the table.

They start quite focused. But soon they get their tops and their bras off. And eventually other kinds than the actual result of the match crosses their mind… Aneta Buena and Ines Cudna make such a wonderful team. Quite different looks, but there both busty super beauties and sooo gorgeous in their own right. The first sample is from Aneta Buena's updates page (image set and video are released on her site), the remaining ones from the preview gallery. Joining Aneta's site gives you access to 11 sites of the network, including the one of Ines Cudna.


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