Sep 19, 2011

Kristina Milan: Surprise News - Fresh New Images And Videos Coming To XX-Cel

Cel and his site XX-Cel have earned a big reputation in the past for coming up with surprising content of much in demand models. As well for very original and well done releases. Cel has outdone himself again now by getting Kristina Milan in front of his cameras. That's major news! Kristina, as you may know, lives in the Dominican Republic, so working with her implies a more serious investment of time and money. Kristina also, as she has told in my interview, has decided to look closer at the modeling offers coming in than in the past. That makes Cel's success with "scoring" her even more exciting. The first release isn't on the site yet. There's just the "Coming Soon" announcement. So we have to watch this place for now. But we do have first samples!


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