Sep 23, 2011

Valory Irene - 34Ks, A Darling, And She Can Do Alot !

Staying with Score's releases for another second, a new image set is out with Valory IreneVa Va Valory! is her 17th photo release on the Scoreland site. And it also should be up on Valory's Vault, the place set up to gather all of Valory's work, for quick access and easy downloads. I don't have access to her site myself, but i've seen a few people joining it through my blog. No complaints so far, so people seem to be happy.

Valory has been a seriously busy girl in the last year, 4 DVDs with her (2 just with her, 2 together with other girls) are out now as well. So (actually not "so", but i love saying that) Valory Irene starts Va Va Valory! with a refreshing drink. And she looks so frigging amazing again. What a cutie she can be! Love her mild smirk, like indicating Yes, i can do that! But a lot of other things as well. F. ex. doing these ballerina style poses, bringing her 34K boobs to full effect. Samples from the preview gallery:


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