Sep 20, 2011

Aneta Buena - Trying The Effects Of Pressing Her Boobs Against A Glass Table

Haha… seeing this first image reminds of a few people commenting on Aneta Buena's face: Basically they're saying that her face sometimes is not her feature they would get attracted by that much. My idea is different. I see it as Aneta's punk girl at heart expression. If you look a bit closer, you still see her natural gorgeousness. I love that look too.

Aneta's updates page looks nicely populated, as i notice again. Now here's a gallery from a set that made it to her site a bit over a month ago. It probably doesn't stand out because of the intro shots, at least those shown in the preview gallery. But these views with Aneta Buena pressing her 34H boobs against the glass table are simply stunning. Also, with these photos we're getting the perfect impressions again of her gorgeousness and overflowing sexiness.


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