Sep 15, 2011

Gya Roberts, Micky And Terri Jane : Girls Love Trying On Lingerie

With Montego Babes, Score obviously has landed huge success. I think the great pairing contributed a lot. Terri Jane, Micky and Gya Roberts - each of them is truly nice and sexy. But also they fit so well together. They come across as the ultimate combination. As a part of this trio, each of them is even more enticing than alone.

Now here comes Lingerie Party, just out on XLGirls. It is a 77 photos set, going along with a 22:29 mins video of the same title which i've briefly introduced before. Our trio tries on various sexy outfits, of course commenting enthusiastically… 3 sexy girls together is great. When they have fun together with small things - here rather big things cause these girls can't wear small bras - it is heaven! Samples from the preview gallery:

Because i intro'd the video only with one screen shot, here's a few more from the WMV and Flash sample clips:


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