Sep 15, 2011

Mandy Majestic: Wearing Nothing But Red High Heels

Mandy Majestic has another update out on her site. And again i'm almost at a loss of words. I mean she can instantly blow you away after the first glimpse of her stellar curves. And i don't mean just her 42K boobs. When you cast your eyes longer on these images, Mandy's spell easily doubles. She is the kid at heart, she can look dreamy, but also genuinely serious. When she's onto something, or naughty, she won't go for it half-heartedly. And with all these subtle changes of her look, she always stays Mandy Majestic. Wonderful and so amazing.

It's a sweet idea to do a set with only wearing these red high heels. This update is just out on her site. And probably her best so far. Probably. I haven't seen one yet that wasn't something else either.


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