Sep 27, 2011

Natalie Fiore - Fire In The Kitchen

Score is keeping us busy with Natalie Fiore. Natalie Burns Up The Kitchen - isn't that a title i could have thought up? - is another so far unreleased photo set (70 images) just published at the Scoreland site. The place actually that holds all 12 so far released sets with Natalie (one of those made it to XLGirls as well). There's also a plethora of video clips - going over 4 pages on the display they show us bloggers - released on the various Score sites. You have to check different model directories listed below to find what has been released where.

So Natalie shows up the kitchen. Dressed in these fancy tight pants, red shoes and this illegally tight top, she's clearly up for something else. She will not burn anything. But the clothes are off soon, and Natalie incites a fire her way. Natalie Burns Up The Kitchen obviously was shot last year as there are 2 videos matching it - see trailer 1 and trailer 2 - released in August and October 2010. Still an exciting release, as Natalie Fiore already has been one of the hottest specimen alive. Samples from the preview gallery:


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