Sep 9, 2011

Natalie Fiore And Joanna Bliss: Playing Chess Was Only The Start For Bigger Things To Come

DDFBusty have a reputation for epic girl/girl releases, probably more than any other site. The car wash scene with Michelle Monaghan and Joanna Bliss comes to mind, Chintia Flowers and Michelle Monaghan as construction workers, or Kelley Scarlett together with Leanne Crow and washing a car as well. These are super classics, and i easily could mention a couple more.

Fresh off the presses now is Chesty Chicks Go Nutty Over Nipples, with Natalie Fiore and Joanna Bliss teaming up together. It has everything to become a super classic of the calibre of the scenes that i mentioned before. The pairing is very original, or rather a very positive surprise. And Natalie and Joanna compliment each other perfectly. Joanna Bliss could drive me nuts with her face alone - everything she did recently was stellar. While Natalie Fiore is a super sexy darling in her own right, who got loads of attention recently after her growth spurt and having 36J boobs now. The scene starts with Natalie and Joanna playing chess. That alone is a brilliant idea! I'd certainly love to see more in that fashion. After a while the girls change focus, and move on to boob grabbing, nipple sucking and boob-to-boob communication. Big and stellar things going on… documented by 125 images and a 21 mins downloadable video in various formats. A couple of samples from the preview gallery:

And, as usual, a few screen shots from the Flash trailer:


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