Sep 27, 2011

Aneta Buena: Unseen Private Video With Malina. She's On Fire!

Aneta Buena! I always had the sneaking suspicion that there's something about her that i wouldn't even have expected. She can be a lady, or like a kid on a fun spree. She doesn't look for one cent shy, and always drop dead gorgeous. And of course is famous for this tremendous thick body with those 34 boobs. Now shows us Aneta Buena off the hook!

It's a private video, Aneta together with Malina. MyBoobs proudly tells that nobody has seen this film before. Expect occasional shakiness or random angles - the quality is good. And what we see is priceless. Something a professional shoot hardly would happen to capture. Aneta is totally on fire!! My screen caps can't give you the real thrill. You must see her in motion. Aneta is so full of power and command of her body, plus her excitement to show off, it's stupendous. MyBoobs have a low quality Flash promo clip (where i've taken the screen caps from) and 2 WMV clips (showing the same content as the Flash version).

Aneta's private video is released on the BackStage site (instead of Aneta's site), but joining MyBoobs gives you access to 11 sites, including BackStage, Aneta Buena's site plus more (Polish) big boob model sites.

Oh, here's another sample with Kora Kryk and Aneta in her famous white dress:



  1. Has Aneta Buena retired?

  2. Considering the lack of recent looking content, i'm afraid she has. But there is no official info.

  3. she has done a poor job of enhancing interest. Very limited poses.


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