Dec 9, 2010

Taylor Steele - Ravishing At The Beaches

I've featured Taylor Steele only once so far, back in September. And that entry is still immensely popular. There's obviously something special about Taylor, making people always wanting to get back to her and check her pics and videos again and again. Yes, count me in there as well.

I think there's a peculiar 'longevity' in Taylor Steele's appeal. I mean she isn't the girl who you would look at and feel Wow! She blows all the other models straight outta water. It's rather that her charms keep working. And working… What for one part is a peculiar softness that she has in her body, beyond her luscious boobies and her booty. And probably that very personal look, making me think of a very 'substantial' sensitivity, eventually combined with a wicked but easy-going sense of humor.

Score has done various beach sets with this Canadian beauty. Not sure of they're all from the infamous Bahamas shoots. Here are samples from a set that recently went up to the Scoreland site.


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