Dec 13, 2010

Nadine Jansen Getting Arrested By Angela White

There must have been something suspicious about Nadine Jansen. So customs officer Angela White doesn't hesitate to detain Nadine. For mutual benefit apparently. And for our benefit as we can sink our eyes into the sexy revelations that the documentation of this encounter is offering us.

It's definitely one thing to have such a storyline style idea for a set. But another story to turn it into something more than just a nice idea but which is lacking fun and doesn't look intriguing and sexy. Daktari Lorenz is indeed a pure genius in terms of getting of (only on the surface) simple looking but actually essential captures of his models. While making sure that this lighting looks very natural. Gotta lift my hat again.



  1. I love Nadine's facial expressions. She has such a cute face. The video of this is quite funny.

  2. I want Nadine to do more vids with Angela White. They seem to have the best chemistry.


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