Dec 12, 2010

Nikki May - A Whole Package Of Fun

PlumperPass is using a variety of photographers based at various locations. In my view the content coming from the UK is the best, by far. Simply because it focuses much more on the models and their treats, and usually captures killer views of them - something that i'd actually would take for granted since i love to see girls and their gorgeous curves. Instead of just focusing on the action, with rather random and not not many great in-your-face views of the models' charms.

Nikki May is from Scotland. So she benefits from the better camera work as well. Nikki obviously is famous for her 34K boobies (although i'd think that number needs a update - doesn't she look bigger?). And in the juiciest way she is thick all over. Also there is nothing staged about her. She always looks 100% real, exceptionally vivd and totally like enjoying herself. Nikki is a whole package of gorgeousness, making me enjoying her in a multi-layered way like i usually drool over a softcore model. That's quite amazing, isn't it? I just wished somebody would shoot some deadly cool solo sets with her… 

Here she returns with Omar to another round of steaming action. And Nikki yumminess.. As usual the low res promo clips cuts it more than the preview images, so a few screenshots below.


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