Dec 5, 2010

Dors Feline. Wearing Brute-Force Semantics Truly Well

I know. That title :D Dors Feline finally makes her debut for Scoreland. They introduced her as a "Gothy, punchy, alternative, fetish, post-modernist glam babe". And i got carried away a bit after the "post-modernist" part. But i'm not saying that this is too far-fetched.

Dors Feline obviously has all these qualities. She is also an amazing sweetheart, well spoken and extremely funny at times. And what convincing performer she is! With all of that Dors Feline certainly is "post" the common modern ideas of a model. But without one ounce of coming across as pretentious or staged. She wears these various qualities extremely well. While she is naturally gorgeous and adorable - on top of the physical attractions what she has plenty of.

Dors Feline's first Score release comes, as i reported, after the end of the business relations with her previous webmaster, while her new site should go live soon. There is a little splish-splash in the scene ;) The big bang of course comes from seeing her perform. Unchain your minds and vision, this looks real good.

Screenshots from the low res promo trailer:


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