Sep 25, 2010

Taylor Steele Scores Twice

Oh boy! Taylor Steele's sexiness is out of control on these new releases. Sure, she had been a favorite before after a handful of videos plus photosets. No surprise considering her 38G boobs on a captivating soft body, together with her charming smile. Score, who have her as an exclusive model apparently, now strike with 2 updates in quick succession. What an epic new quality is Taylor now showing! While you could imagine her before as a sweet and very sexy secretary who loves to show off (what is quite a treat as well), Taylor now seems to have broken through her cocoon. Looking a bit curvier now to begin with, her sexiness seems to be unchained and radiates like a strong alluring spell all through her posing. Purely gorgeous!

"Pretty As A Sunrise" shows Taylor at a beach, enjoying the scenery. And herself. Naturally exciting! Couldn't find a sample gallery so far. So just a few captures from the low res promo clip.

In "The Girl In Room 38G"  (oh well LOL) Taylor gives us a little show. Pretty simple concept - a perfect setting allowing her to unleash her vibrating sexiness to full effect. 

Captures from the low res promo clip:


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