Dec 16, 2010

Dors Feline - Substantially Divine

One week after her debut for the company the 2nd (and 3rd) release is out on ScoreHD and Scoreland's other sites. Oh boy! What a pair of boobies. And what an intriguing curviness all over… While her changing looks keep presenting the most fascinating LOOSE playfulness together with a cool sensual vibe, and fun. She seems to be a 'substantial' personality, very spontaneous and creative in her responses (there is an interview at the beginning) and so naturally playful - in style, but never staged or looking like a diva- Her inside and sexy outside seem to be in total harmony. But what do i tell, check the screenshots from the promo trailers below yourself.

But first another thought as well. Dors Feline always seemed to be exceptionally respected - probably because of her being so genuine and convincing. While people occasionally were wondering if she would be even more in demand without the tats and her alternative girl appeal - a question that for Dors personally probably never was a consideration… These new releases however have given her a huge boost of popularity. Putting Dors in a position 'post' the tats (for fans outside that niche): Dors just happens to have those tats as well, as part of the whole excitement she is creating. That's an amazing development too.


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