Dec 17, 2010

Meow34JJ + Amber Hall - Cheering Up The Season Like No Tomorrow

People who know me might scratch their heads now - as i usually rather ignore Santa sets. And wonder what has happened to me after i've posted Santa Shione (in this thread). And today i'm blogging about another Santa set (!), featuring Meow34JJ with Amber Hall… Well, it's not about the WHAT, it's all about HOW things are done. Now Meow and Amber are not only two deliciously sexy girls. And super nice in person. Together they are a riot!! And when i see them in such a cheerful vibe, there's truly no holding back for me.

So make no mistake and check Meow34JJ on her new site or Amber Hall, who told me personally that we'll see much more of her next year. These girls got a lot going on. The first pic has been sent to me by Meow34JJ and is much bigger than the other sample-sized previews. 

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  1. well hello baby thank you so much we had so much fun we love ya babe thank u again your a star xxxxxxxxxxx


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