Dec 5, 2010

Shione Cooper: Thoughtful. And A Doll Up For Sex [Upd. 11-01-04]

Shione Cooper keeps being amazing. What a diversity of looks. Or even deeper, in her appeal.

Today Lipstick111 released, buried somewhere in their labyrinth of multiple promo blogs, this preview (or rather behind the scenes shot) of an upcoming release. Thoughtful can look so sexy.

As well today Score released a new hardcore scene, with an interview part at the beginning. The outfit without a doubt is "Sexy As Hell" (also the title of the scene). The makeup maybe is a bit too much, the lady-like style certainly not her natural aura but she looks very vivid and expressive in the interview bytes. And committed for action later. Screenshots from the promo clip:

Update 10-12-06:

Score has released promo images in the meantime. A few images:


Lipstick111 has kept up their busy schedule of releases with Shione. Previews from a new set with Sophie Mei called "Santa Shione", showing Sophie and Shione in a cheery Christmas mood. Including lots of sexy goofing around. As little as i am usually into Santa or Christmas sets, or Christmas in general, these shots got me excited big time.


Last but not least DDFBusty just added a bath tub scene to their site (image set & high res video). Another sweet release as it is showing Shione in her more natural style. Very sexy as well.

Update 11-01-04: 
Referring to this bath tub release, DDFBusty have published an editorial in one of their blogs, which praises Shione in an remarkably worded and euphoric way. Like: "the 23-year-old Czech sensation who can weave a thousand erotic stories in my mind with her expressive face". Well worth reading.


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