Jul 24, 2013

Abbi Secraa: Talking About Breast Reduction … But Don't Panic!

Breast reduction is a serious word. With a lot potential to aggravate sentiments. If i posted on April 1st: … (insert famous model) Had Breast Reduction, together with a Photoshop stunt as "proof", a few people would start to avoid my blog like the plague. About 2 weeks ago Abbi Secraa updated her site with this set called Talks About Breasts Reduction, plus the info It is the highest time to check my health condition...Feeling constant pain in my back, but I am smiling ! The actual set however is about getting her super huge boobies examined by her doctor (a woman). So, after considering previous glimpses of a dark sense of humor in her comments, not a uncommon thing in Poland anyway, i wouldn't be worried. Especially after looking at her face - Smile, people! She's always been regarded by many as the girl with the most incredible huge boobs. But here she shows up as a whole package of hotness. What a wicked tease! She is on fire! You find the whole set of high quality photos at her official site.


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