Jul 3, 2013

Nadine Jansen Is Moving. But Her Boobs Get In the Way

Umzug (moving house) is Nadine Jansen's own June update on her site, alongside new releases with Valory Irene, Lina and others. So everything is organized, the boxes all packed. But Nadine makes no real attempt to help carrying them to the truck. Instead she unveils the spectacular view of her huge boobs and her curvy body, and gives us a special show. I don't think anybody would complain - making sure that all helpers are in an excited mood is the best help she can provide, right? If Nadine had made an announcement like Who is helping with my move? You'll see something you haven't seen before, the response for sure would have been huge :D After the fantasy action girl set from last month Umzug shows the casual and naturally flirty Nadine again. A style that Nadine probably popularized like no other model. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong here. Umzug is out at her personal site.



  1. I'm sorry to say this, but Nadine's site is just not that great anymore. You pay to be a member, yet she no longer makes videos (or really any content except one photoset a month). Do you know what happened? Or did she just start phasing out??

  2. Nadine made an announcement telling she is "thinking about retiring" and/or "to give more space to my models" about 2 years ago: http://radiantbomba.blogspot.com/2011/08/nadine-jansen-retirement-considerations.html

    Soon after she showed up with a Facebook account (it was definitely her) where she was quite active. But FB killed that account soon. The Nadine Jansen account on Twitter btw is a fake. According to my impression she has other priorities than modeling now, but still loves the exposure and the attention she is getting. And the modeling as well of course, what can clearly be seen in her updates.

    I definitely miss her videos too - Bath Routine, as the most recent one, came out last November - Nadine is absolutely amazing on video. So her site has moved a bit further into the direction of a multi-girl site. Something i'm not unhappy about personally because i love most of the models there, and the photography and videos are really amazing. If your interest is just Nadine, sure, in that case the site has become less interesting now.

  3. Great blog post from a few years ago -- and I agree, the other models are definitely superb (especially the lactation stuff with Steffi and Vendy). What's more concerning is Milena phasing back to what seems to be only one video a month on her site. DId she make a similar announcement?

  4. No. At least none that would have reached my attention.

  5. I have no idea if Nadine has moved or not. We have all become familiar over the last few years of Nadine’s home as a backdrop. However I’d be happy to travel to Berlin to help the lovely lady move. I’d love to give a helping hand.
    I have to agree with the anonymous poster here. Nadine’s site is not as good as it once was. No weekly pics anymore. To be honest they never were weekly but at least we did get them. And the news photo would usually be a nice little bonus photo of Nadine. However over the years we have been spoilt. Nadine has been modelling for over thirteen years now! I cannot think of any other model that has lasted that long! I’m just thankful that she is sill modelling. We should think ourselves lucky we still get to see her! She has told me that she has no intention of retiring at the moment. So let’s just be thankful for that. She also told me that she wants to dedicate more time to “her” models. It’s a shame about the videos. I live in hope but I don’t think we’ll see Nadine again now. However Nadine is full of surprises so fingers crossed.
    Back to Umzug. I love the start of the set. Nadine is holding a box with both hands with her shirt undone showing off her fabulous cleavage. There is a temptation to grab something, if I were helping her whilst her hands are full and it would not be a box. Before long the box is forgotten about and her big boobs are out of the shirt. I love the picture of Nadine leaning against the door frame with a lovely smile on her face showing just how big her tits are. I particularly like to see Nadine sat on the floor. Even better Nadine sat on the floor sucking her tits. Just the one of Nadine doing this in this set unfortunately. Then playing around with a table top, step ladders and then a banana box. Nadine finally loses her shirt, one very nice picture of her attending to a light bulb and some nice pics of her lying on her back on the floor.
    I just wish Nadine was moving her stuff into my house!

  6. Nadine is one of My favorite people in the world if I'm having a bad day or feeling a little bummed out I think I know what to do, jack off looking a My sweet heart with the pretty face and magnificent tits and areolas Nadine J! Or maybe one of Her large areola friends. Whoever finds all these wonderful beauties seems to be reading my mind and knows exactly what turns Me on, Tits, big beautiful Tits, Tits with huge areolas, sexy Tits and for a little something extra Milk filled Tits shooting milk everwhere!!!


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