Feb 8, 2013

Joanna Bliss. A Room. Classical Blazing Hotness!

Really have to give DDFBusty props for continuing to work with models after a dozen or so releases. It's a general business decision, of course, when producers/sites rather love to focus on "fresh faces" (thus exchanging their models at a quick rate), and that can't be discussed in just 5 minutes. I have to say however that quite a few of the models who are around for (many) years keep madly impressing me with the presence, ease and natural smoothness that their act is showing, as a result of their experience. Joanna Bliss is a prime example. She has always been an amazing model. But more recently she seems to have become unstoppable. After her New Years set with Roxanne Miller and Katerina Hartlova, Cup-Stretching Classic has arrived now, as her 31st update for DDFBusty (or #32 for the entire DDFNetwork). Easy description: Joanna indoors, she shows us her super sexy body, with these 36H mighty big boobs, eventually to go further down… Pretty simple, right? Yet, this standing shot probably is enough to notice: Joanna combines physical attraction and aura just blazingly - hotness of the extra kind! More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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  1. Panhype u are great as always in writing the articles about girls with big boobs. I was lucky enough to be in car with Joana when I made her first pictures in 2005. Squeezed into a little car while the taxi driver was going through a coutry road... great memories. Her boobs are really full and heavy and I am completely crazy for her perfect round ass


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