Feb 14, 2013

Natalie Fiore At XX-Cel - In Royal Shape And Size

It really took a long time till Natalie Fiore 'made it' to XX-Cel, finally. Especially when considering that she is from France. Well, Cel is a smart man. so maybe he has been holding out for the perfect moment? I mean just look at these screen shots! Natalie Fiore always has been one of the models with the most impressive big boobs. But now! In a less subtle description you can say they're plain huge. Correct! 38HHH ! But it is not just their sheer size. Natalie's huge boobs have also such an incredible nice shape and look - just royally terrific! I would say she looks at her most stellar ever. XX-Cel so far have released three image sets with Natalie (the last one so far came one week ago) and this over 15 mins HD video called Green Hornet. Who wouldn't want to get bitten by this hornet?


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