Feb 15, 2013

Katerina Hartlova in Sunny Wagner's Tattoo Studio

She hasn't a really huge portfolio of content featuring her. But based on her qualities, also the excitement she has been creating whenever she appeared, you surely can call Sunny Wagner a legend. According to BoobPedia she was discovered by Bettie Ballhaus, and made her debut in 2001 on Bettie's site, shot by Daktari Lorenz, the only photographer she has worked with throughout her modeling career. After the end of the Bettie/Daktari work relationship in 2004, Sunny's content was transferred to Nadine Jansen's site where Sunny continued to show up occasionally with new content. I said that she's a girl who always got people extra excited. Quite likely that's not just due to one particular feature. Sure, she has nice big boobs (38F), a tremendously sexy body and a pretty face. But i'd guess it is all that combined, plus her cuteness with attitude, what makes peeps instantly feel: Holy batman! Look at this girl!!  

After a break she is back at Nadine's site with fresh new content, and with a quite radically modified appeal. After having just a tattoo running over her tummy, now one of her arms and the area from her chest downward to her breasts is totally covered with tats. Nothing on her boobs though! Not surprisingly the reactions vary from total disapproval to people liking the change. I personally wouldn't get religious over that. But i would say that the former richness of Sunny's impressions has been edited into a rather strict formula. Into one particular look, giving up (to some extent) her fascinating "many looks in one" appeal. But of course she is still a hottie.

In Tattoo Studio, the almost 13 min downloadable HD video released at Nadine Jansen's site, Sunny Wagner and Katerina Hartlova get together in, what the video makes believe us, Sunny's tattoo studio. Katerina takes place in the chair, Sunny starts with the preparations - but have no fear, if you prefer Katerina's unedited look. Sunny soon gets carried away by the view by Katerina's too gorgeous looking big natural tits. And soon the girls start playing with their boobies... More screen shots:  


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