Feb 20, 2013

Lola At Nadine Jansen's Site: Blazing Horns & The Busty Burlesque Queen

Oh la la! This is a nice one. As the newest update at Nadine Jansen's site, here comes Lola with a video that looks equally unusual, iconic and hot. We've seen Lola changing her look quite extremely before - mainly by different hairstyles and colors. While always remaining the super cutie, like in her work with Score or for YoungBusty. Here now, in Burlesque Tassel Dance Show, she is the blonde bombshell, still with a cute, adorable touch, but giving us a murder show! Yes, she is the busty burlesque queen, on a mission to make us surrender to her charms. The horns are blazing madly, and she shakes and jiggles these big juicy 38E boobs till the doctor comes. Or rather, till this kinda crazy music ends. This is the most off the hook Lola that we've ever seen! The whole, wonderfully shot HD video is out at Nadine Jansen's site. More screen shots:


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