Feb 7, 2013

Nadine Jansen: Bubbly, With Glasses, In An Abandoned Villa

After her sparkling New Year set, and a couple of updates with 1st league guest models, Nadine Jansen is back is with another set that gives her - also - plenty of room to amaze us with her ever bubbling personality. The set is called Villa Brendano. Apparently this place has not been used much recently - really wonder how they always find such locations. Nadine is wearing her black bad girl boots, a tight and dandy retro dress and these glasses, actually just on about a third of the shots, at the beginning and towards the end. She looks like fun with those, and apparently is in a quite funky mood too - at least she shows an again amazing range of different looks and expressions of her bubbly personality. Sure enough her world famous big boobs don't stay in this dress. She unleashes them quite early in the set, giving us plenty of views. Showing why she is one of the ruling boob queens for more than a decade now. The whole set is on her site just for a couple days now.


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  1. Villa Brendano got this year off to a great start. Love the dress, love the boots. Love Nadine. The buttons of the dress look under some real strain. They look like they are about to pop at anytime. I wish she would have undone all the buttons of her dress. Love the pics at the start with Nadine flashing her knickers sat on the chair. I’m not sure if people know that Nadine normally wears glasses or not. However she rarely wears her glasses for a photoshoot and these are her personal glasses and not a prop. The glasses go well with the dress and boots. All the usual boob sucking and expressions that we love to see. A great way to start 2013.


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