Feb 19, 2013

Elaina Gregory: Farmer's Daughter With Mega Boobs And A Slick Style

These Cowgirl or Farmer's Daughter sets are really popular, no? For a European urban kid like me this theme sounds a bit… well, like from another planet. But who would argue with the view of a well curvy girl in daisy dukes (or batty riders, as the Jamaicans call them) and a tight white top? So, after Shyla Shy who made the temperature at the farm rise considerably, Score brings us the next Farmer's daughter, Elaina Gregory. The last time we saw Elaina she tested retro style bras, of course making dramatic looking impressions with her 34N (yes!) boobs. Now the straightforward jeans shorts/white top outfit is just perfect too. Easily of course, with such terrific big tits. Elaina Gregory has a sweet round butt too, a beautiful face, and these really sexy legs. Maybe that's why this cowgirl has a rather elegant touch in her look as well. The whole set with 65 images was just released at the Scoreland site, adding nicely to Score's now quite impressive collection of Elaina Gregory updates. More samples:


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