Feb 20, 2013

Katerina Hartlova: Shower Time - Upfront, Personal And Ravishing

Katerina Hartlova seems to be unstoppable these days. By the way she is looking, and new releases keep coming at a high volume. The interest in her keeps being high too. Of course there are fans for each modeling telling "There's never too much of … (insert model name). Producers often have a different mindset though, they stop very quickly hiring a model when they assume that the market is "saturated" with that model. That doesn't seem to be happening with Katerina. Another indication that she's really special. Imagine she is modeling for almost 10 years now!

After being the irresistible bicycle rider, flashing her gorgeous 34DD natural tits for everyone who wants to see, she returns to DDFBusty with a shower update. Look, Learn And Lust - update #41 for DDFBusty/#47 for the whole network - comes with 120 photos and a 30 min True HD video. Today Katerina has a towel, and she knows to use it. But for sure she doesn't only tease us. She plays with these gorgeous big boobies, there are great body views when the water is running down, Katerina get a little heated… later there comes this towel again. Katerina comes across as quite the super hottie, as you would expect it from a shower release and the upfront impressions naturally coming with it. A nice extra here are the more personal looks that we don't see that often. Yes, Katerina is impressive and fresh in many ways. Samples from the photo set:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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