Feb 5, 2013

Kristina Milan: Hours Of Fun And Outside Pink - Her Latest Videos At XX-Cel

Cel obviously used the time well when he had the opportunity to shoot Kristina Milan for his XX-Cel site. Since my last post he has released video #5, Hours Of Fun, shortly before Christmas, and Outside Pink, just this weekend. And here comes mind-boggling stuff again. Kristina is a very pretty girl, with a hot body - even if you imagine her without these 40JJ wonder boobs. I know, that is a VERY theoretical thought, because it is her stellar huge tits that turn Kristina into such a visual bomb, at least when your vision is calibrated to huge tits. She is definitely a bigger girl since she had her baby, it's quite a view to see her in these tight jeans. In case you're wondering: No, she didn't do any pregnant shots. Only quite a bunch of work with Score shortly after her pregnancy.

These 2 new video releases show also how wonderfully and gorgeously sweet, natural and charming Kristina Milan can be when producers don't tell her to stage something she's not up for (then she can look ridiculously fake). Cel, as we can see again, knows that. And also that Kristina is a whole package of overflowing hotness, thus he shows her from all kinds of captivating angles, instead of only focusing on close shots of her big boobs. Hours Of Fun is an indoors scene, with Kristina showing off and playing with her soft canons. Outside Pink has Kristina in this now famous garden. Here she plays with her pussy as well, and we're getting quite a bit of seeing her walking around. Always a treat to see that. XX-Cel so far have 7 photo sets and 6 videos out with Kristina Milan, all of them in great quality and downloadable. Pure gold, if you ask me.


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