Jan 9, 2013

Roxanne Miller, Joanna Bliss + Katerina Hartlova: Big Boob Girls Do Party Big Time!

DDFBusty got 3 girls together for Holiday Knocker Convention, their New Year set, and these girls do fill our minds with boobs and curves for days! We have Roxanne Miller, for the first time at DDFBusty, after she debuted at Score a couple of months ago - just yesterday got her first solo set for DDFBusty released as well. With her 36GG cups, she is endowed with an unbelievable looking pair of knockers. Then we have Joanna Bliss, who looks bigger than ever here. She is one of the girls whose sexiness seems to radiate from every aspect of her being. Even seeing her dressed with this bronze top - who could keep his eyes of this attraction? And there is Katerina Hartlova, slim and incredibly stacked, and surely one of the most bubbly, radiant and gorgeous models on the circuit. The girls kill a bottle of champagne, Katerina lets an ice cube slide into Roxanne's dress, and from the there the fun is ... out of the bottle… More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips



  1. Katerina & Joanna are great!Joanna needs to go hardcore and Kathy needs to fuck another guy who is not her boyfriend

  2. Hardcore scenes with Joanna!!!

  3. I tend to disagree, mates. Katerina and Joanna do not "need" to do anything. Remember, they are humans too. When they prefer to not do certain things (on camera), it should be respected.

    Both are for many years in business now, Joanna even for something like 10 years. And still much demand, the popularity of both of them even seems to have increased in the last year.

    Katerina and Joanna are both very hot and good looking girls. But the fact that they're still so much in demand comes from something else: They both look incredibly convincing. Naturally convincing! They wouldn't do so if they weren't comfortable with what they're doing.

    Katerina seems to be particularly happy with her current boyfriend. She clearly said what she won't be doing. And only a limited number of hardcore shoots, only with her boyfriend. That shows! In the best way, i mean. Okay, i see this argument coming now: "Somebody just had to offer her the right amount of money". Sure… However, i'm not interested to see her just going through the motions. Remember how horrible she looked at the time when she did those bukkake scenes?

    It can to be said as well that Katerina is one of the few models who can do hardcore without losing the radiance and the subtlety needed for convincing solo content.

    Joanna, as i said, is for at least 10 years now in business. She has done tons of work and her popularity is unbroken, to say the least. Why should she give up what she is most comfortable with and worked for her in the best way? If she had switched to hardcore years ago, she would have left by now. Don't have any illusions about that.

    Joanna is a model whose attractiveness comes partly from her physical assets and to a huge extent (i say 50%) from her 'soft skills' - her aura or overall appeal, if you want so. If she switched to regular, generic hardcore now, this special killer appeal that she has and that is really unique, would get buried. Very likely she would be ruined for future solo work. Not because fantasies would get destroyed (at least not mine, although i'm aware that a lot of fans do have those), but because her overall approach and look would change. She would get very average and 'flattened'. Do you really want that?

    I know, such requests like 'Joanna needs to do HC' have her current look/appeal in mind and want to transfer it (in the fantasy) to a hardcore setting. But things can't be 'cloned' that way. Switching to hardcore would turn Joanna into a different (looking) girl, like it happened with most other models before (Katerina is an exception in that respect), to a point of no return.

    So remember that these girls are humans too and can't get switched to something else, without consequences, or even 'breaking' them in some other respect.

  4. Shut the fuck up.


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