Jan 31, 2013

New Amanda Torres Video: Playing With Her Gigantic Boobs, While Looking Incredible

In my last blog entry about Amanda Torres she showed up in what could be described 'the idea of a schoolgirl outfit' - her incredible huge tits somehow were the most visible element of the design however. And she wore glasses in this image set, very cute! BigTitsGlamour have updated last week with another video. They have quite a few of these out now. Not that long ones usually, just a few minutes clips, but they pile up for a collection now to keep you busy with Amanda alone. They're all well shot, in an eye pleasing, not artificial looking lighting, so Amanda shines, or rather 'glows', in her natural sexiness at us. Here she is standing, in this position her curviness and her boobs seem to look particularly jaw dropping, and is just playing a bit with her treasures. Her hands look rather small, don't they? Amazes me again how incredible she really looks.


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