Mar 3, 2013

Winking Daisys Aka Mara Does HER Harlem Shake - 40KK Pregnant Boobs And Fun!

It's been almost a year since i blogged about the wonderful Winking Daisys aka (Miss) Mara or Mara Jane. She had just worked with Juggmaster who started to release the results. Winking Daisys is the girl with these most spectacular 40KK boobs. And she is - in the best sense of the word - a real character! She doesn't stage shit - on Twitter or Tumblr you often find her talking about real stuff, its twists and turns, with a sweet, relaxed vibe and a good sense of humor. If i had the opportunity to film her, i think i would keep the camera running the whole day. Juggmaster obviously was quite impressed of Mara (as he calls her) too and released an entire DVD just dedicated to Mara.

And now Winking Daisys is back to producing her own content. I learned through her Twitter that she has very recently acquired a DSLR camera, so lots of new quality photos hopefully will be coming soon. Maybe even a personal site is in the works? She already has been releasing a bunch of her own videos. Obviously meeting the extra demand after she is pregnant, in her 6th month now. You can buy them either directly from her Clips4Sale store or by buying items off her wish list. Just check her tweets for details. These are quite different clips, but the most iconic one quite likely is her take on the latest internet craze, Harlem Shake. Actually, she kills us with that :D Right from the start she looks turbocharged with her sexiness, and she knows it. As she knows how to shake these tremendous curves for epic effect. And when she gets these huge torpedoes out, you know that you're watching serious hotness! Mara is a stellar girl. And the bomb!


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